Branded Videos

DP Product Lab




Videos capture personality, environment, and history—the key components that make a business truly unique. Transport viewers into your workspace or feature Penn students enjoying your product; let us make a video for you that makes an impression.

Sample Videos

Woven Treasures: Meet Parvis and his Microworld

In this video, you can not only see the microworld of intricate Persian rugs and foreign trinkets, but you can also feel Parvis’ rich history and passion and dedication for customer service.

Gia Pronto Kitchen: DIY Salad Dressing

This video shows Penn students and other members of the community just how simple making salad dressing can be while providing insight on the fresh, natural ingredients that constitute the foundation of Gia Pronto’s own dressing recipes.

Verb Energy Bars: What’s your Verb?

Despite Yale’s apparent inferiority, Penn students concede that they do make quite the energizing snack in these video snippets.